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This year, freedom is just as essential as business, bands, burgers, and fireworks

Ahmeek, MI – All Business is Essential leader Erik Kiilunen announced today that he’s throwing the biggest party in Michigan for the Fourth of July this year to celebrate our country’s birthday and the idea that freedom is essential. “Patriotic Party on the Point” will celebrate freedom with a bang! It’s on an open peninsula in Hubble by Torch Lake, and will have everything you could want on Independence Day including bands, fun family-friendly activities, and of course, fireworks!
“This is about the founding of our country and our freedom,” Erik said. “This is the way we should celebrate the essential rights guaranteed to us by God and our Constitution. We have the freedom to gather, exchange ideas, and appreciate how great our country is on its birthday!”
There will be plenty of parking available for guests, while local businesses and vendors are welcome to volunteer to provide food and services. And the best part is, it’s free for anyone who wants to party like it’s 1776!

“My goal is to get as many people together as we can, forget about this COVID nonsense for a while, and celebrate what it means to be Americans,” Erik said.

To schedule an interview with Erik Kiilunen, please contact Will Hadden at whadden@sbpublicaffairs.com or call 703.739.5920

All Business is Essential Triumphs over  Governor Whitmer on “Take Yourself to Work Day”

Ahmeek, MI— The statewide movement All Business is Essential, led by businessman Erik Kiilunen, has successfully gone against Governor Whitmer’s forced lockdowns, and reopened businesses across the state, on today’s “Take Yourself to Work Day.” Workers across the state reopened their doors for business, voicing their disapproval of the unconstitutional lockdowns imposed by their Governor. 

Taking the fight to the capital through a massive statewide billboard campaign, Erik Kiilunen continues the movement by opening his manufacturing and contracting companies in defiance of the governor’s decrees. His constant and methodical PR campaign spans major publications, radio, and television, and has garnered national support from other residents in states facing similar unprecedented lockdowns. 

“We have always been a movement for the hard working people of this country, and when their government forgot that they in turn work for the people they govern, we had an obligation to remind them. Now that the power grabbing  politicians are on the back foot it is time to make them accountable for the damage they have inflicted,” says Kiilunen.

A statement from Kiilunen included the following: 

Like most self-absorbed individuals, Governor Whitmer subscribes to the hypocritical notion of rules for thee but not for me.  However, she has bigger problems than journalists finding her vehicles at her summer home.

“As she addressed the State of Michigan concerning the failed Tittabawassee dams, I was struck when she said “tough times don’t last but tough people do”. Tough people face challenges head on, not by cowering in the houses, with masks, gloves, afraid of venturing out into the community.”

Rise Up Michigan: Take Yourself to Work Day 

May 21st Declared Day to Open All Businesses Without Fear 

Ahmeek, Michigan—Erik Kiilunen founder of the grassroots campaign All Business is Essential, the Michigan-based movement leading American citizens in the fight to preserve their livelihoods, has declared May 21st  “Michigan Take Yourself to Work Day.” 

“In the midst of the economic suicide of the most prosperous nation the world has ever seen, and the financial ruin of her citizens, there remains the only hope we’ve ever had—allowing those who built the greatest country in the world to get back to work,” says Kiilunen. 

America was founded on self reliance and the individual’s right to challenge oppression. 

May 21st will mark the workers’ dedication to themselves, their families, and their greatest inheritance—Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. 

“In the recent past we had the leisure to dedicate a day to taking our children to work in order to show them what puts food on the table and what makes the country run. It’s time we reminded ourselves.The American citizen has no obligation to sit idly by while his savings and his livelihood are bled dry.”

May 21st is called upon to be the day where, across the state, Americans protest not by disrupting society, but by sustaining it–by getting up in the morning and going to work.

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