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Lawyering up.
Governor, when you prosecute innocent people such as Karl Manke don’t expect them to roll over.  I read with gratitude that the State of Michigan Supreme Court ruled 7 – 0 against your unprecedented attack on Karl Manke.  To read that the Shiawassee County Circuit Judge Matthew Stewart vacated your Preliminary Injunction Order concluding that “it is no longer appropriate for Plaintiff to seek to compel Defendant to comply with a nonexistent injunction” made my Monday complete.  To my friend Karl Manke, congratulations and thank you for the exemplary model you provided to all in the State of Michigan on the proper way to protest injustice.

Governor, the hubris you’ve demonstrated over the last few months has been astounding.    Like a hyperactive den mother, you’ve attempted to run every aspect of our lives, people like Karl Manke have significantly more life experience than you and need to be respected not stepped on as you’ve attempted to do.  The basics of human relations, primarily, respecting your elders appears lost on you.   Judging by the peaceful protests on the lawn of the Capitol, you may have noticed it isn’t appreciated by other law-abiding Michiganders either.  Your grandstanding and expert worship has grown old.  Like the lost den mother you are, you are now trying to distract your scouts by joining the black lives matter protests (in direct violation of your own executive orders) while you try to figure where you are, where you are going and how to get there.  If you continue to attempt to stifle us common citizens of the State of Michigan with your never-ending nagging, you will discover that the intelligent scouts you are attempting to lead will find their own path, and quickly.  Good luck trying to rein them in, many have left already. 

Here’s a news flash for you, Michigan is loaded with elders and peers that have more life experience and common sense than you do.  Like good parents, if you can humble yourself and ask for a hand they will help you fix the problems you’ve created.  As Karl Manke so ably demonstrated Michiganders are not children to be ordered about.

I find it telling you’ve found it necessary to hire the many outside attorneys.  The fact that you’ve locked up most of the insider Michigan law firms to defend yourself from your 100-plus ill advised Covid-19 related executive orders, implies guilt.  The recall efforts that have started are directly related to these unethical and illegal on their face, in a representative republic, actions.  Unfortunately, these mounting legal fees are on the backs of Michigan taxpayers.  You have accumulated a remarkable record, you lead the Midwest with more than 100 Executive Orders while Illinois Governor Pritzker has 37, Indiana Governor Holcomb has 28 and Ohio Governor DeWine authored 19.  You’ve honed your dictatorial skills and made your peers look like rank amateurs compared to you.  It should be interesting to hear the legal justification for your actions.   We’ll be paying for it, please make it good. 

I’m looking forward to your legal teams attempted prosecution of anyone convicted of violating any one of your executive orders.  I am not an attorney however I think you and your partner in crime Attorney General Dana Nessel will have great difficulty explaining the photos of you walking shoulder to shoulder with the black lives matter protesters.  Your legal team will be tying pretzels attempting to justify how your actions were somehow more important than those persons whom you will be attempting to prosecute.  To seal the deal, you will be compared to people with law abiding individuals, whom your executive orders have reduced to ruins, that simply wanted to go back to living and open their business.  Any 5-year-old scout could point out the hypocrisy.

As Karl Manke so masterfully demonstrated in the past few months, if you’re not guilty you do not need massive legal help.  Common sense legal guidance will suffice. Kudos to David Kallman and his firm, Kallman Legal, you’ve done a masterful job.

Finally, if you are so convinced your “science” is correct then please share your hypothesis and supporting data.  We haven’t seen anything yet. 

Warmest regards,
Erik Kiilunen